Life – With Diet Coke in Hand

Anyone who knows me, knows this is how I get through life.  It’s the first thing I open in the morning and the drink I usually take to bed with me.  I’ve been known to say I’m going to quit drinking it so much, but alas….on most days I’m still at least a six-pack-a-day drinker.

So…here I am…with my very own blog.  My daughter suggested I do it.  I don’t always do what I’m told or suggested to do.  I wouldn’t jump off the cliff just because everyone else did, as I would be too afraid to jump.  I’m happy to just wait for everyone at the bottom!

Very soon, I will be going to Indiana to watch my daughter’s dissertation defense.  She is getting her Ph.D. in Linguistics.  So I will be listening to her say words like semantics, quantifiers, syntax, and many more that she has been saying to me for the last several years…and that I still don’t understand or know the meaning of.  But that’s okay, as I will mostly likely have a diet coke in hand!

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