So over the safe beige!

We moved into our new house a little over two years ago.  The walls were painted a soft khaki-beigy color.  I thought “this is good.  It will go with everything”.  Yeah, except my living room furniture is the same safe, boring, blah khaki-beigy color!  So for two years, I have sat and hated this house and how boring it is.  It’s really a pretty house, though.  I finally decided if I have to live in it, I’m going to liven it up!  So about two months ago we painted an accent wall Apple Orchard in the living room.  I sat and stared at that color for two weeks!  One word….yuck!  I wasn’t too upset as it was free paint.  Ace Hardware was doing their free quart promotion and I took them up on it.

So while my Mr. Husband was out of town I head back to the paint store.  But this time I head to my trusty Lowe’s store.  (my favorite store in the whole world)  After much deliberation, I’m back home with samples of two colors.  What a great invention…little jars of sample paint!   I paint two more different colors of green on the wall and stare at them for a day.  Finally, I choose  Jekyll Crane Cottage Green.  Back to Lowe’s!  I decide to start painting at 8:00 that night. (I get bored when Mr. is out of town) I have everything ready to go…drop cloth, base boards & stair case taped off, ladder, brushes and rollers.  No wait….I can’t find any rollers!  I search the entire garage, opening every cabinet and looking on every shelf for one roller.  No luck!  So instead of waiting until morning and head back to Lowe’s, I decide to paint the entire wall with a brush.  A 2″ brush, no less.  I didn’t think this through very well, did I?  I finish painting around 12:30 am.  It takes awhile to paint a wall with a 2″ brush. ;0)

But here is my Jeckyll Crane Cottage Green wall.  I love it!

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