Poor Hutch!

School is back in session, summer  is practically over, and Christmas is only four months away!  Count ’em….FOUR MONTHS away!! How time flies when you’re having fun!  Actually, time and life flies by whether you’re having fun or not. But that’s another post for another day!

Anyhoo, it’s been over two months since I updated my blog, and I had planned on writing something at least once  a week.  Yeah, right.  That didn’t happen.  So I’ll catch you up with what I did over the summer in the next few posts.

Mr. Husband and I found an old hutch at an antique store.  It was pretty rickity and had a broken glass in one of the doors.  But…we bought it anyway.  That’s what we do!!  Now what you have to understand is, I have never really refinished, redone, refurbished (whatever you call it) any furniture.  We brought it home and it sat in the garage for over a month.  I looked at it every time I pull  in the garage.  There it stood, staring back at me.  I would actually roll my eyes at it because I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  Poor hutch!

Finally, we got the shed/workshop/storage building cleared out enough and we moved the hutch into it.  After some paint, new glass, hardware, and a couple of supports on top….this is what I have.  I absolutely love it!


and After!

It holds my cookbooks, electric mixer, my little chef man that holds a bottle of homemade wine (that my dad made before he passed away), and my roosters!!

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