Embrace the sink!

The makeovers have begun!  The kitchen is almost finished (minus countertops and a sink which will come later), but the guest bathroom is finished.  Well… not exactly.  The seashell sink is still hanging around!  We plan on replacing the countertop/sink in the bathroom when we install the countertops in the kitchen.  But in the meantime, I absolutely love it!  Or should I say, I love the color turquoise… and anything beachy or coastal.  So really, the seashell sink fits right in.  Therefore, I shall embrace the sink until I no longer can or have to!

       Guest Bath After (7)

Guest Bath After (5)

Guest Bath After (4)

In case you have forgotten what the bathroom looked like before, here you go.


I know!  Hideousness at its finest, right?

This makeover was really simple and quick.  You see….I just painted over that hideous wallpaper!  The wallpaper in this house was glued on when the house was built in 1993 and it’s still glued on!!  That paper-beast was not going to come off without damage to the sheetrock.  Believe me, I tried!  So, I took the advice of the kitchen expert at Lowe’s and painted over those ugly flowers!!  :0)  I primed and painted the cabinet one day and the walls the next.  I also put cheap, stick-on, vinyl tiles in the bottom of the cabinet under the sink, as there is some type of damage or stains in the bottom of every cabinet in this house.  Mr. replaced the faucet and cabinet hardware, changed out the light switches (all of them in the house are NASTY and are in the process of being changed out),  installed a new paper holder & towel ring, and helped me hang the “new” mirror.  I then hung the picture and yellow, towel holder.

What a difference a little paint can make!

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