Do We Need Both Phones?

Okay, I must be losing it! The other day I thought I had left my glasses at our daughter’s apartment, just to realize that they were on top of my head. Then twice today, TWICE, I  went in search of my cell phone, just to realize after several minutes trying to think where I last saw it, it dawned on me that my phone was in my hand! Both times! 😉 One of those times I was actually typing a message to someone and thinking at the same time that I needed to find my phone before I headed upstairs in case it rang. We have a land line with phones downstairs and upstairs, but we haven’t given that number out to anyone since we moved to Texas. So everyone calls me on my cell phone. I’m not sure why we even have a land line. Maybe because we have always had one in the past and I’m a creature of habit? Who knows!!

I’m curious, do you have a land line AND cell phone or just one or the other? And do you search for your phone while holding it in your hand?! No, just me?

Y’all have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Do We Need Both Phones?

  1. My opinion is lose the land line but some things to think about first. 1. Unless you have GPS on your cellular telephone emergency assistance may not be able to find your location should you or the Mr. call from your cells in an emergency. 2. If your cellular company does not have good coverage in the area your home is or if your home is built with materials that hinders coverage you may be walking around your house saying “can you hear me now?, can you hear me now?”

    Also, I have been know to actually call my cell phone to find it ringing in my hand; more than once. 😉 That just comes with age sweetie.

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