“San Francisco, Baby!”

That is what Mr. said to me all last week before we left! 🙂

We arrived in San Francisco Saturday night and are having a great time. Getting here on the other hand was quite the experience. When we got to the airport on Saturday, it was rainy but nothing major. By the time we were loading, a storm had moved in and it was raining pretty good. We also were having a really pretty lightening show. Once we were loaded, the pilot announced that there would be a short delay taking off. As we were sitting there, a passenger across from us asked the flight attendant if it was normal practice for the crew to leave all the luggage sitting in the rain. His response was that due to the lightening, they had closed the ramps to the plane and the crew had taken shelter back inside the airport. Therefore, everyone’s luggage was getting soaked!! (all the photos in this post are from my phone, so let me apologize that they are not great quality. But I only brought my Ipad and can’t upload from my camera)


What you can’t see very well in the above picture is the luggage trailers sitting in the rain, loaded with luggage, getting wet.

Now, that wasn’t the only issue with this trip. Oh no. Mr. and I sat there, in the plane, on the runway, in the rain, for over two hours. Here we are at about 1 hour 45 minutes into the wait….


The children on the plane were beginning to get a little restless! As well as the real children under the age of five! 🙂  Two hours and 10 minutes after our original takeoff time, we took off!!

We arrived in San Francisco, got into our rental car and we were off! But wait….we didn’t go straight to the hotel. Oh no. I forgot to enter Center at the end of the street address of our hotel into the GPS and we ended up on a street with the same name in Oakland!! When we pulled up to the address, Mr. looked at me and politely said, “I don’t think this is our hotel.” No, it wasn’t. It was an abandoned, industrial area. And not a good area to be in at all. After dark…alone…and lost.  I quickly punched the address in the GPS and off we go. Again. We got to see the Bay Bridge (or whatever the name of it is) twice though. Very pretty all lit up! (I tried to take pictures while we were going across it, but they are all blurry)


Once in our hotel room, we began to unpack our rain-soaked luggage. Everything (except my shoes, which I packed in plastic shoe tubs) was wet. We had to hang up and lay everything out to dry. It looked like our suitcases had exploded! 


We had clothes on the bed, jeans over the backs of chairs, and my unmentionables (you could actually wring water from them) hung over the dresser drawers and TV! I will spare you from the picture of that! 🙂 It looked sort of like a Victoria’s Secret store.

We spent Sunday at Pier 39 with our good friend, Leanna, who lives about 1 1/2 hours from SF. We shopped, ate a hot dog from a street vendor, seafood at Bubba Gump’s, watched the sea lions, and walked to Ghirardelli Square. I have never seen so much chocolate in one spot and the smell was heavenly! One word…Awesome!


Poor Mr. is allergic to chocolate and can’t enjoy it. But that didn’t stop Leanna and I from buying some!

On Monday, I was on my own as Mr. is stuck in a conference until noon on Thursday. I walked the 1.8 miles back to the Pier and did some more shopping. I am one happy camper if I can do some shopping along the water! I sat on a bench by the water and ate another hot dog! (for some reason, these plain meat and bread hot dogs taste really good) 🙂

Mr. and I had plans to go out with some others from the conference last night for dinner, but he ended up taking me to an Urgent Care Clinic. (if ever in SF, the Golden Gate Urgent Care is the place to go) I kept thinking I was just tired from the trip, but ended up having an infection and needed some antibiotics. I’m much better today and taking it easy.

I had a wonderful sandwich and chocolate chip cookie for lunch today at The Posh Bagel and a walk through a courtyard full of flowers and shops close to the hotel.

I still have a list of things to do before we leave on Friday. So I gave myself a little time to rest today and hopefully will be back on the street tomorrow!

Hope y’all are having a great week too!

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