My Happy Little Buddha Man

Good Monday morning everyone! Hope y’all had a great weekend. We spent all weekend outside, as it was absolutely beautiful here. And for those that don’t know…our here is the Houston area. We totally massacred a couple of  flower beds! They had become overgrown and wooly over the summer, due to this being the first summer in this house and we wanted to see what would come up and then decide what we wanted to keep for next year. The previous owner planted lots, and I mean lots, of evasive plants that took over the entire flower bed if not careful. We hope to finish next weekend and spread the last bit of mulch. I’ll be sure and post pictures when finished.

I also redid one of my little Buddha statues that sit out by the swimming pool. I absolutely love these little statues. They make me smile every time I look at them. When we were in San Francisco last month, we visited a store in Chinatown and they had several Buddha statues and people had left coins all over the statues in the store, which we found interesting. Anyhoo, one of mine was beginning to show some wear and the paint was cracking.


Sooo, I did what any girl who paints just about everything that comes into her house and yard…I painted it. And not just back to it’s original dark color. I painted it a vibrant color, as I LOVE color around me. I painted it Valspar’s Pantone Universe Cabaret.



I think he looks so much better now. And I think he is a perfect match to my Adirondack chair, don’t you think? The only thing is I love him in this new color so much that I’m seriously thinking about bringing him into the house to live! I may just have to buy me a new one to sit out by the pool.

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