Did Someone Say Turquoise Door?

I have begun to think that the items on the “To-Do list” will never get scratched off. This is mostly due to me getting side-tracked. 🙂  Such as painting the back door!  But it was so ugly…and yucky…and black. And what you can’t see is the previous paint job was not good. Not good at all.


And since the weather was so nice over the weekend, we had the doors open. Therefore, here was a yucky, black, bad paint job door in my bright and cheery kitchen. So….we painted it!

Mr. taped it off and we primed it. It already looked better just with the primer, don’t you think? (We’re only painting the outside of the door. The inside will stay white to match the trim work.)


Two coats of both primer and paint later, and I have a “new-to-me” door in my kitchen! 🙂


And here it is from the outside. I love it!


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