Christmas is Coming: Whether I’m Ready or Not!

Aaaaggghhh!! Where has the time gone?!?! November has come and gone and Christmas is less than three weeks away! AND I DON’T HAVE MY SHOPPING DONE! I am usually done waaay before Thanksgiving, but for some reason I have really dragged my feet this year.

So who has all their Christmas decorations up? I’m not raising my hand, are you? We do have our tree up though. We have always in the past put our tree up on Thanksgiving night, but since we were going home to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with our family, Mr. and I put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to come home to it already up.

While we were in Oklahoma, my mom and I went shopping for her a live tree. I love live Christmas trees! Our tree is a fake pre-lit tree, and I think it is on it’s last trip out of the attic. This is either the fifth or sixth Christmas we have had it and it’s gone through two major moves. Therefore, half of the lights didn’t come on this year. So we did what we had to do and strung several strands of lights on it. On a pre-lit tree!!! 🙂 Need to add a few more ornaments and it will be done! Next year…this girl is going to have a real tree again!!


In the past I have put several trees up, but I am only putting one tree up this year. (I keep telling myself this over and over) Two years ago, I put up nine trees! All a different size and all decorated different. Although, I may put two on the front porch, but that doesn’t count since they won’t be in the house. Right?

I also started decorating our mantel. I absolutely love it! And for those that follow me, you know that turquoise is my favorite color.


But I think it’s still missing something. Maybe? I’m just not sure what.




I still want to make a centerpiece for the dining room table, decorate the entry way table, and make the front porch festive. AND get one of the spare rooms upstairs ready for my mom who is spending Christmas with us! At this point, neither spare room has a bed and both are full of stuff! But all is well….as I work better under pressure!

Hope everything is beginning to look like Christmas at your house!

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