Big Bird or Deviled Eggs?

Happy 2014, everyone! Did y’all have a great holiday? We did. Mr. was off for 2 1/2 weeks and I enjoyed him being home sooo much! He went back to work this morning and it’s really quiet around here!

We didn’t do a lot of projects around the house, other than finish painting one of the spare rooms. I wanted it to be a relaxing vacation for Mr. and not spend it doing a bunch of DIY projects with me! If you missed the picture of the bedroom in this post, here’s a quick reminder. (but how could you forget such an exciting room?!) 🙂

Houston House (19)

Usually we can paint a room from start to finish in one day. This room? Two weeks! First we had to paint the ceiling, although this part of the job went very quickly and made a HUGE difference. Most of the ceilings in the house are an off-white shade of something and really drab. We went with a white ceiling paint which will go so much better with the baseboards and trim work. Then Mr. installed a new ceiling fan. I would much rather have had a pretty light fixture, but living in the south and with this room being upstairs, it stays pretty warm. So….a ceiling fan it is!

Next came the fun part….painting with color! I know I said in my earlier post about this room, I was going to paint it white and bring in color with the furniture; but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Therefore, I picked out a pretty yellow (or so I thought) to go with. But it looked like either Big Bird threw up or we had splattered deviled eggs with lots of mustard all over the room! And all four walls, at that! And to top that off, the paint was just not covering well. After three coats on one wall, it was still streaking terribly.


So for two weeks, I stared at these walls and rolled my eyes. Mr. asked me several times if I wanted to go pick out paint, but I had no desire to work on it. AND I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay with yellow or go with something entirely different.  But then pressure kicked in, as my mom was coming for Christmas and there was no way I was having her stay in this room!! So off to Sherwin Williams we went and decided on a much softer yellow. We did leave one wall “Big Bird” for now, as the other color really toned it down.


This picture doesn’t show the true colors that we ended up with, but they’re close. I’ll keep taking pictures at different times of the day and hopefully I’ll capture a good one. But for now, it looks 100% better and brighter than before! Next on my list for this room….pictures, pillows, accessories, and maybe a quote on a wall.

So what do you think? Big Bird or Deviled Eggs?

2 thoughts on “Big Bird or Deviled Eggs?

  1. Nice soft yellow. Our new house has all my favorite Sherwin Williams shades, and we used a soft yellow Jersey Cream in the master br and master bath, and the two guest bedrooms. We also had ceilings painted the same color as walls throughout and it really made a difference in the “completeness” of the space. The white baseboards and ceiling trims really pop against the walls and ceilings in the bedrooms.

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