Is it Spring yet?

Holy cold weather, Batman! Am I the only one that went into hibernation after the first of the year? What a winter, but I think Spring is just around the corner. At least here in Houston it is! Our poor tropical plants really had a hard time this winter with the three rounds of freezing temperatures we had. Almost as much as I had!!! 🙂


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I finally pulled myself out from under the covers this past week and decided to get my butt back in gear! And to do that, I have given myself a deadline to get the To-Do List done by May 1st. Or at least most of it…or maybe just some of it. We had started working on the upstairs bathroom last month…AND I’m still working on it! Let me refresh your memory on this lavender beauty!

Houston House (17)

It took me the entire month of February to paint the cabinet, inside of the linen closet, and the walls! And it’s not a big bathroom. 🙂 It took Mr. no time at all to roll the ceiling for me. He’s a beast when it comes to painting!!

The linen closet sits behind the door of the bathroom, therefore the bathroom door was constantly hitting the linen closet door, making a dent in it. Soooo, I took the linen closet door off and I think it looks so much better with the door gone. Sorry I forgot to take a before picture!

linen closet 2

I painted the walls Sleek Gray and the cabinet, shelves, and all the baseboards/trim an enamel white. I’m hoping to have the wall tile and floor finished by the end of the week. I’m doing what they (the guys at our local Sherwin Williams) say shouldn’t be done. I’m painting my ceramic tile! In the shower/bathtub area! 🙂 My mom did it before in a shower and it held up against the water, so I’m going to give it a whirl. It’s our upstairs guest bathroom, so it gets very little use. I didn’t want to spend big bucks right now on this renovation, but it needed updating terribly! I’ll be sure and let you know how the tile pans out in the long run.

Has anyone else ever painted ceramic tile in a shower/bathtub area? Do you have any tips, products, or words of wisdom that worked for you?

Later gators!

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