Good Thing It Was Free!

I was at Pier One the other day buying some lights for our pool party and a picture for our entry way. I received a coupon via email that morning for a free mug with a $30 purchase. Score!! I picked out a colorful toucan mug, as I thought it would be so cute in my kitchen. As I was carrying in the sacks of goodies, I dropped the mug…on the patio! Instantly, I knew it was a goner. Even though the salesclerk had wrapped it well and put it in it’s own sack, I could hear pieces of it moving around. I was telling my daughter about it over the phone that evening and she asked if I was going to try and glue it back together. I told her no and that I threw it in the trash without even opening it! She thought I should at least look at it! 🙂 So I dug the sack out of the trash (thankfully, all that was in the trash was paper). But alas, this is what it looked like when I unwrapped it.


And here it is with all the pieces spread out! There were so many tiny slivers of ceramic! But at least it’s eyes were intact and whole!

mug 2

So I spent the next two hours super gluing it back together.   At one point, I got a little anxious as I thought I had super glued both of my hands to the mug! All I could envision was trying to drive myself to the ER with both of my hands stuck to a toucan mug! 🙂

So after two hours of gluing and one tube of super glue… This is what I have!

mug 5

mug 4

For some reason, it just didn’t fit back together very well AND I had a lot of extra pieces left over! 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend! Later gators!

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