I’m Having a Love Affair…

…with my new countertops! Every time I walk into the kitchen, I get giddy. I knew I would love them, but I LOVE THEM! They have made such a huge difference in the looks of the kitchen.






I was super nervous on Friday that the installation wasn’t going to happen. And let me tell you why…. we started this countertop mission back on August 29th with a “big box store”. On September 13th, we were told by the ‘big box store” that our countertops would be installed in 7-10 working days, which meant we should have had new countertops no later than September 26th. But that didn’t happen. There was a lot of “big box store”/installer blaming that went back and forth and I was stuck on the phone in the middle of all of it!  I did a little research online regarding the installer and found some pretty bad reviews, which is why I was so nervous. BUT on Friday, the installer delivered and installed my wonderful countertops! AND on the date THEY said they would. I will be writing my own review this week, singing their praises! Not so much praise for the “big box store”!

And with that behind us, we now have to decide on backsplash! I thought I knew what I wanted, but we made the mistake of going to Home Depot (another “big box store”) this weekend and I found two more styles/colors that I really like! I knew from day one that I wanted gray countertops, but I just can not make up my mind on the backsplash. Here’s what we have so far: (and I say so far, due to the fact that I’m still looking at colors/styles online. But don’t tell Mr.) 🙂

Tiles – frosted glass and rough, white stone (I found a frosted glass tile to finish the edges for this choice)


Tiles – mixture of white and gray (ignore the plastic wrap)


Tiles – mixture of white, gray, and charcoal


So many choices!!

And just so you don’t forget where we started in this kitchen, here’s a flashback of what the kitchen looked like not quite two years ago.

Houston House (9)

And where we are today. Such a difference!


And another item bites the dust off the kitchen to-do list!

  • paint the cabinets (keep to save $$$$)
  • remove wallpaper and paint
  • replace formica countertops
  • replace backsplash
  • replace hood vent
  • replace the flooring
  • replace hardware
  • change out the breakfast area fan/light

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!

4 thoughts on “I’m Having a Love Affair…

  1. It looks beautiful. All of the backsplash examples are great, I personally love that look. You should consider putting a niche behind the stovetop. You can put beautiful oil containers or décor, salt and pepper grinders, etc. My husband recently did one like that with subway tiles and it is beautiful and very functional. I will email you a picture to see if you like the idea if u are interested.

    • Be sure and post the pictures here too. We’ve already replaced the sheetrock behind the stove, and I would hate to ask Mr. to redo the sheetrock again. 🙂 But that’s something to think about in the shower when we redo the master bath!

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