Jessica’s Bathroom Floor Redo (Part 2)

Jessica and Sam are still at it working on their master bathroom. Sam broke out the orbital sander and went to work on the left over plaster.




Jessica said that the dust floated in the air for some time after they were done. You can see in this picture that after 20 minutes there is still a dust halo hanging around. (if possible, keep the room that you are working on completely closed off from the rest of the house. This way you won’t have dust settling all over the house!)



This is what the faucet is suppose to look like! 🙂


There was an inch of “mud” left by the sander, so Jessica used a broom and water to loosen the leftover muck and then a shop vac to get up as much as she could!


Once she removed all the muck and water, it was time for the toilet to come out. Does your wall look like this behind your toilets? I know one of mine does!


What a difference a sander can make!



Y’all have a great weekend! Later gators!

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