Under the Staircase Closet Makeover: Walls & Floor

The closet makeover has started and it looks so much better!


First thing we had to do was clean that sucker out. And I was amazed at the amount of stuff that was in this closet! I showed you pictures of the messy closet here and gave you a brief list of items that you couldn’t see in the pictures. Well…there were things in there that I couldn’t even see and didn’t know was in there!! Hidden among the chaos was a guitar case with our daughter’s classical guitar, her sleeping bag, a mod-podged ceramic cat that I made when I was a little girl, an electric can opener, and my yoga mat (which obviously I haven’t used in quite some time!). And remember the numerous yardsticks I mentioned? Well, there were six! According to Mr., you can never have too many yardsticks! 🙂

Closet makeover - before

First thing Mr. did was remove the shelf and brace from the wall. This caused some minor damage which we fixed with a little spackling compound. After it was good and dry, we hit it with sandpaper just to take off any pointy pieces that were sticking out and smooth it out just a bit.

Closet makeover - during

Closet makeover - during

Closet makeover - during

We painted the sloped ceiling and three of the walls white, but I picked out a “fun” color for the back wall, Youthful Coral by Behr.

Closet makeover - after

We then removed the carpet & tack strips and scraped the glue off the concrete. A putty knife works great for scraping all the glue and foam pad that is stuck on the concrete!

Closet makeover - during

Closet makeover - during

When doing our DIY projects, there’s almost always something that Mr. and I have never attempted and know nothing about! Installing the hardwood floors was this project’s something. We found some flooring at Floor & Décor that we thought was pretty close to the hardwood that is already in the house. It’s slightly redder, but that also could be from the colorful wall that is shining down on it! 🙂

Our VERY helpful sales guy at Floor & Décor spent about five minutes explaining the how-to’s and what-for’s to us, stated “you got this”, and sent us on our way! He apparently was a good teacher, as the only hiccup we had was at the door jamb. Mr. had to cut the bottom of the door jamb off so that the flooring would slide under it to meet the other flooring. I took a video of him cutting it out and will post about it soon. Due to the fact that we were so involved in laying the floor down, I forgot to take any pictures of the progress!

Closet makeover - during

To keep Mr. from having to rip the last boards into 1 1/2″ strips, we built a trim to attach to the baseboards that were already installed. We couldn’t find any trim or molding in stock at Home Depot or Lowe’s that was 1 1/2″ thick, so I came up with the idea to make our own. We found some trim that we liked, then glued and nailed a slat to the back of the trim.

Closet makeover - during

Mr. then nailed it to the baseboard. I caulked all the seams, and primed & painted the trim and baseboard with a glossy white. It now looks like one complete piece of trim molding.

Closet makeover - during

Closet makeover

It looks so much better than it did before! Next on the list…shelving!

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!


4 thoughts on “Under the Staircase Closet Makeover: Walls & Floor

  1. I am glad I found your blog. I expect I will visit often because this could motivate me to take on some projects that need doing in my home. I don’t happen to have a closet that needs re-doing but there are always other projects. Thanks.

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