Under the Staircase Closet: Done!

What a difference a little paint, some flooring, and shelving does for a closet!

Closet makeover

Plus a lot of cleaning out!! We packed up two boxes and a trash bag full of items for donation and our daughter claimed her classical guitar, sleeping bag, the large sofa picture, and a kitchen utensil turnabout. What little was left, I stored in more appropriate places so things can be found in the future. In reality, I put them where they should have been in the first place!

After we cleaned out the closet, removed the old shelf & carpet, and painted (you can read about that here and here), the next thing we did was install this bookcase from Ikea for storage. Of course, some assembly was required but it went together really easy and quick. (much quicker than the filing cabinet we put together a couple of days ago! We won’t talk about how many hours THAT took!!)

We decided to only keep what few jackets/coats that we wear often in this closet and store all the others in a closet upstairs for now. Therefore, I only wanted/needed a small space to hang jackets. To save money, we decided to reuse the rod and shelf brackets. Once we decided upon the new length, Mr. cut the old rod down to size and reinstalled the brackets. We also bought a shelf at Lowe’s and Mr. screwed it onto the brackets.

Closet makeover


I found the three nesting totes and the white basket at Hobby Lobby. I love the gray chevron pattern. (even tho it’s been said that chevron is sooo last year!) 🙂 In the tote above the jackets, I stored the games that we play the most, such as Uno, Left Center Right, and decks of cards. I also used one of the totes for extra embroidered cup towels that my mom and grandma made me, and the white basket for plastic bags.

Closet makeover

Closet makeover

I found this cute metal bin at HomeGoods to corral all the loose tall items. You know, like the six yardsticks that everyone needs! There are also two kites stored in the bin that I found buried in this closet!


Mr. installed hooks for convenience of hanging umbrellas, bags, etc., spray painted the base to the light, and rewired it. I would like to replace the light in the future, but I haven’t found anything that I really like. For now, this one works just fine (and it’s not gold any longer!).

DSCN3168     DSCN3167

And the sloped end of the closet turned out to be a perfect fit for our suitcases! You can see one of our little, neon green ID tags smiling at ya! 🙂


I am so thrilled to have this closet useable again! And if you don’t remember what it looked like before, here are some before and after pics.

DSCN3055     Closet makeover

     DSCN3057   Closet makeover

DSCN3052     Closet makeover

So there you go! Our scary “Under the Staircase Closet” is gone and I’m no longer embarrassed for anyone to open this closet door!

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!

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