Change of Plans

We’re moving! Well, we hope to be very soon!

For the last several months, Mr. and I have been talking about buying a vacation home on Galveston Island and renting it out during peak vacation season. But then about two weeks ago, we decided to just jump all in and move to the water full-time! And I am ecstatic! Living in the suburbs of Houston is driving me crazy! 6.6 million people is a huge change from the one stoplight small town of 6.3 thousand people where we lived for 17 years before we started our moves in 2010.

But that means I have to finish all the projects I have going on with the current house. We want to get it on the market as soon as possible, and are thinking the first of December is doable. So I have approximately three weeks to get this place finished, decluttered, and staged! Therefore, a change of plans will need to take place when it comes to all the projects.

I’ve broken everything down into what I hope to get done each week. Yeah, I have to have lists/deadlines or I get distracted and never get anything finished!

Week One: Kitchen/Laundry Room/Dining Room

  • Thankfully, we finished installing the kitchen & laundry room floors in September. I’m bummed that I won’t get to enjoy them for as long as I thought I would, but they have made such an impact to that area!  I hope the next homeowners will love them as much as I do.
  • Install and paint baseboards in the kitchen & laundry room
  • Paint the interior of the backdoor
  • Install trim or cabinet doors where the microwave is
  • Install or paint the chandelier in the dining room

Week Two: Front Bath/Master Bed, Bath & Closet

  • Paint baseboards in the front bath
  • Paint the walls in the master bed/bath/closet

Week Three: Upstairs

  • Touch up paint on one wall in spare bedroom
  • Paint ceiling in the gypsy room
  • Replace faucets in bathroom


I’ll be posting updates as the weeks go by, so be sure and check back!

Y’alll have a great day!


Beach Picture Collage

On Valentine’s Day, Mr. and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! Yes, I made it easy for him to NEVER forget our anniversary! 🙂

For his present this year, I had come up with the idea of putting together a collage of beach pictures, since we love the beach, water, and everything ocean! So off to the beach I went to take pictures. Funny how that sounds like it was more of a present to me!! An afternoon at the beach…one of my favorite things to do! So I told him I had errands to do, swung by and picked up my daughter and her roommate, and off to Galveston we went.

And four hours later of “running errands”, this is what we ended up with.

Anniversary 3

Anniversary 5

Anniversary 4

Anniversary 6

Anniversary 7

And no trip is complete without pictures of the ocean…

Anniversary 2

Anniversary 1


And this is the collage that I had made for him. He loved it!

beach collage

Special thanks to my daughter who did the writing in the sand for me! I had a really fun time doing this with the girls.

Happy Anniversary, Mister! I Love You!

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

That’s right, the clock is ticking on my deadline! If you remember, I gave myself a deadline of May 1st in this post to get the To-Do List done! Well…..that is NOT going to happen! (I’m making a face and rolling my eyes at the computer screen right now). Since that last post (which I can’t believe was six weeks ago), Mr. and I have spent six days in Dallas at a conference, eight days in Oklahoma, and seven days on a cruise for Mr.’s 50th birthday! Sadly tho, also during this time, Mr’s 99 year old grandma passed away. She was a wonderful g’ma and lived a long and wonderful life! She will be missed by all, but we have lots of great memories of her!

Therefore, I have had approximately three out of the past six weeks at home. So one would think I would have lots scratched off the To-Do List. But alas, I don’t! BUT…I do have the upstairs bathroom 99% completed. Well, not 99%, but closer than I was when I started! 🙂 I need to finish painting one side of the door tomorrow and have Mr. hang it and I’ll be finished! Woohoo! At least with Phase 1! The countertops and faucets still need to be changed out. As you can see, the sea shell sinks are still here! And there are two in this bathroom!!

upstairs bathroom 6

The floor is holding up great! I dropped a metal level on it and Mr. knocked over the metal toilet paper holder. No scratches! Yay!

upstairs bathroom 5

If you missed me talking about the linen closet also in this post, I removed the door and I love it!

upstairs bathroom 2

upstairs bathroom 7

We bought this picture in Galveston from a local artist at Galveston’s ArtWalk. The Galveston Art Center hosts it approximately every six to eight weeks. If you’re ever in Galveston on the weekend of the ArtWalk, be sure and attend! For more info:

upstairs bathroom 9

upstairs bathroom 10

Here’s a recap of what’s on that wonderful To-Do List for this bathroom and what I’ll be scratching off at the end of the week!!

  • paint walls
  • replace tiles in tub area and walls (I’m scratching this one off for now, since we’re not replacing – but updating)
  • replace faucet/showerhead in tub
  • replace flooring (Again…just updating for now)
  • install new countertop and sinks (sea shell sinks again! Two of them!!!)
  • replace faucets
  • replace or frame mirror
  • paint cabinet (will keep to save money)
  • change out lights
  • replace hardware
  • take door off linen closet
  • toilet

And in case you forgot what the bathroom looked like when we started, here’s a before and after shot for ya!

Houston House (17)

upstairs bathroom 6

Y’all have a good week! Later gators! 🙂

The Beach is Always Calling My Name!

Once again, I went MIA from my writing. I get a little sidetracked, a little off kilter, or maybe just distracted!

My first reason for getting sidetracked was a trip to Galveston, TX. I love Galveston and I love the beach! Anything and everything about it. And we live less than one hour away from Galveston! It was rainy the first day, but who cares? I would have sat on the balcony in the rain the entire time, if I had to.


Thankfully, the sun came out and it was great weather the next two days! Mr. was attending a conference, so I hit the streets and did a little shopping. We ate at a quirky little hamburger place called Blue Water Grill; a bit eccentric and odd. Something you might see on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”. This one would definitely qualify as a dive, but they have the best burgers!

blue water grill

Number two was just me not writing. That’s it, nothing else.

But the biggest distraction was a wonderful distraction. Mr. took me on a cruise for my 50th birthday! We love cruises. This was only our second one, but we were hooked after our first one. Me and Mr……we could live on a boat! It was a quick, five-day cruise, with two stops in Mexico to do a little shopping to get my favorite color-changing nail polish at Del Sol and a little beach bar relaxation at Fat Tuesday’s.



And yes, if you look close, you can see  (or maybe you can’t see it) we sailed on the Carnival Triumph. Yes, the same one that broke down and left all those people with only Spam to eat! My daughter couldn’t believe that we were brave enough (or maybe she thought we were just down right stupid) to sail with Carnival, much less on the same ship! But we weren’t the least bit worried. (Okay, maybe just a little…in the back of my mind) Therefore, I did hoard some banana bread every morning after breakfast in our room…just in case! This is probably one of the reasons that Mr. and I both gained several pounds this cruise!

After we got back from our cruise, Mr. took me to Corpus Christi for lunch. We had eaten at Fajitaville in Corpus last spring and they had the best fried stuffed avocados. We were sooo disappointed when we found out they were under new management and were no longer on the menu! No worries, we had some good fajitas, a drive along the water, stops at the tourists shops, and a ferry ride at Port Aransas, complete with pelicans.


So you see, distractions are always good! Especially if it involves the beach!