Upcycled Kitchen Island

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

I’m back after a three month absence and have lots to share with you, and am so excited about the first project I have to show you!


If you read this post, you’ll remember this initially started out as a four drawer chest of drawers that somehow ended up looking like this after our move from Oklahoma to Houston!


Not wanting to give up on using this piece somewhere in our house, I moved it into the kitchen and laid the leftover piece of quartz from our countertops on top of it. I wanted to make sure there was enough room in the kitchen and to see if we would really use it enough to justify a kitchen island. There was and we did!

So I got to work! I removed the front piece between where the top and second drawer should be and the bottom trim piece. They didn’t fit the look I was going for.

DSCN3356     DSCN3502

I then had to fill in LOTS of scratches, dings, and holes with wood filler; even rebuilding a corner that had been knocked off on one of the drawers. Mr. added beadboard to the sides and back that was leftover from our backsplash we installed back in February. He also cut out a shelf to go above the top drawer.


I primed and painted the chest and the drawers with a white enamel and added hardware that matched our kitchen cabinets. I painted the outer sides of the drawers a fun color (same as the kitchen desk) and lined them and the shelf with the cute paper that I’m lining the bottom kitchen cabinets with. We had the edges of the quartz top smoothed & polished and glued it on using Liquid Nails.


But who knew that the little towel rods on the sides would be the hardest items to find! I wanted something that wasn’t big or that would stick out. We went to several stores with no luck! I searched online with no success! The closest I had found was a special order drawer pull at Home Depot for $20! That was what I had paid for the entire chest at the auction!! We finally found what I was looking for at Ikea. Two for $7.99! Score! They were perfect to hang my towels Mr. bought me in Galveston!



This gives me a place to store my plastic containers and lids, my crock with my cake decorating spatulas, a few of my cookbooks, and those cute whale measuring cups that my daughter gave to me at Christmas!




And one more look at the before and after.

DSCN3356     DSCN3551

Y’all have a great day!


My Trash to My Treasure

You know that saying, “Someone’s trash is another’s treasure”? Well, this is my trash and hopefully my next treasure.

A few years ago, we picked up a small, 4 drawer chest of drawers at an auction that we went to on Monday nights. I initially was going to paint it and use it as a table in my entryway at our previous house in Oklahoma. But before that could happen, we were packing up and moving to Houston! And for some odd reason, once we arrived in Houston, the top two drawers had disappeared and cardboard adorned the top 1/3! I suppose this is the consequences of a company being in charge of your move, as some things are never quite the same when they come off the semi on move-in day. But hopefully, our moving days are over for awhile.

Anyhoo, I’ve been wanting an island in my kitchen and I believe this little chest of drawers will fit the bill. Now my kitchen isn’t super wide and the online kitchen “experts” state you should have at least 36 – 48 inches of walk space around your island. One website said that if you don’t have at least eight feet (96 inches) of walk space, “don’t even think about an island!”. My kitchen “walk space” is 6′ 9″ (81 inches) from one side to the other. So theoretically, my island can only be 9 inches wide with a 36″ walk space! Well…that’s not going to work! Therefore, I’m thinking if I put wheels on the island, I can just move it out of the way when I’m not using it! Problem solved! (and if you read this post,  you’ll remember that I did what the “experts” said not to! Which by the way is still holding up wonderfully.)

And for the top of the island, we have a piece of quartz left over from where they did the cutout for the cooktop when we had our countertops installed.

Enough yada yada yada, I’m sure you’re just dying to see this lovely chest of drawers which I want to miraculously transform into my new kitchen island!

Nothing to write home about, right?


And here is where I will draw my inspiration from. 🙂

kitchen island 2

via Refurbished Ideas

kitchen island 3

via Etsy

kitchen island 6

via Refurbished Ideas

 kitchen island 7

via The Virginia House

kitchen island

via DIY Network

So hopefully in the very near future, I will be using an island in my not-big-enough-for-an-island kitchen!

Y’all have a great day! Later gators!