Stray Cat aka ?

Let me introduce Stray Cat. He is the latest addition to our family that I am now feeding! I swore I wasn’t going to feed him, as I didn’t want to get attached to another furry feline. We lost our last furry feline family member in 2009, and I said I didn’t want anymore. It was just too hard. But here I am, buying cat food again!

stray cat

He’s very skittish, so that’s why this picture is so grainy. I had to blindly take it through the screen door while I hid behind the kitchen wall with my arm outstretched! We’ve been feeding him for about a week now and he’s doing better. If you walk outside when he’s out there, he will run and hide under the elephant ears but just to the edge. Then he stops and turns around to look at you. Before that, he would high-tail it out of the yard!

We’ve had several strays and shelter rescues in the past that have become family members; and our daughter and my mom adopted their current, furry feline family members from rescue shelters. We are totally pro-adoption, whether adopting from a shelter or from the streets!! In fact, our daughter is participating in the “iWalk for Animals 2014” next month which benefits the SPCA. If you would like to donate on behalf of her walk, just click on the link and it will go straight to their website. OR if you’re motivated, you can sign up to walk in your area!! 🙂

So for now, I’ll keep feeding Stray Cat and slowly working on getting him use to us. Maybe in a month or so, I’ll have him sitting on my lap! And I guess I should give him a better name than Stray Cat. Any suggestions?

 Y’all have a great day! Later gators!